Residents of Bossier City, LA, rely on their air conditioning systems for relief from summertime heat and humidity. Since the 1960s, most homes have come with central air conditioning already installed. Most older houses have been retrofitted with it in order to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. You may wonder who invented air conditioning and why it was invented. Here are a few of the key players in air conditioning history.

Willis Carrier

Most people consider Willis Carrier to be the inventor of modern air conditioning systems. In 1901, the engineer was working at a firm and had a range of clients. One of those clients was a printing company. The printer had a problem with high humidity, which caused the paper to get stuck in the presses. The ink made a mess, and this resulted in lost time and resources.

Carrier invented the machine to decrease the humidity in the printing press room. A surprising side effect was a lower temperature. Carrier applied for a patent for his invention in 1902. By 1915, Carrier and six of the engineers from the firm established their own company, the Carrier Corporation. Carrier’s machine formed the basis of today’s modern central air conditioning systems used in homes and businesses.

Other Key Players in the Invention of Air Conditioning

Although Willis Carrier gets most of the accolades for inventing central air conditioning, there are a few other important people who deserve recognition. Frederick Jones received a patent for portable air conditioning units. His invention was used in trucks and other vehicles during World War II. Robert Sherman received a patent for the window air conditioner in the 1940s.

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