If you’re looking to stay comfortable in your Bossier City, LA home year-round and drastically increase your energy efficiency, zoning systems are the way to go. An HVAC zoning system gives you the freedom to heat and cool your home efficiently without disrupting anyone’s comfort or wasting energy heating or cooling unoccupied areas. You can depend on the experts at Central Aire Heating & A/C, Inc. to make your home be more energy efficient and feel more comfortable year-round with the help of a properly installed zoning system. When you want to add a dependable zoning system solution in your Bossier City home, leave it to our team to make it happen.

    Benefits of HVAC Zoning

    True to its name, a zoning system divides your home into separate cooling and heating zones. A typical zoning system accomplishes this through the use of dampers strategically placed at various points within the ductwork. Each zone has its own thermostat, allowing you to control specific areas of your home independently.

    There are plenty of great benefits to having our team at Central Aire Heating & A/C, Inc. install your next zoning system:
    • Higher energy efficiency
    • More flexibility
    • Energy savings
    • Improved indoor comfort

    A zoning system also helps you save wear and tear on your HVAC system. It’s not unusual for some homeowners to run their HVAC systems nearly 24/7 just to keep a small portion of their home comfortable. With a zoning system, you won’t need to run your HVAC so often, which means it’ll last longer and be less expensive to operate and maintain throughout its service life.

    Your Zoning System Experts in Bossier City

    There’s more to Central Aire Heating & A/C, Inc. than just zoning system installation. Since 1974, our 100% family-owned business has been committed to serving the Bossier City area with quality service and workmanship. Whether it’s sweltering or freezing outside, you can count on our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians to furnish you with the best in heating and cooling service. Not only do we install heating and air-conditioning equipment, but you can also depend on us for your indoor air quality needs. From new filters and ventilation to air purification systems, our experts have the right IAQ solutions your home can depend on. Finding the right contractor to take care of your Bossier City home’s unique heating and cooling needs is no easy feat, but one call to us is all you’ll need.

    Get in touch with us today and enjoy the perks of heating and cooling your home through HVAC zoning!