At Central Aire Heating & A/C, Inc., we’re dedicated to offering high-quality heat pump repair and installation services to the residents of Bossier City, LA. It’s important to have a fully reliable heat pump in your home throughout the seasons of the year. If your unit is behaving strangely, you’ll want to get it looked at by a professional. Even small problems can cause your system to lack power and may lead to an increase in your energy bills. Systems that don’t turn on could leave your home in an uncomfortable situation. An expert can give you options for the repair. If your system is too damaged to fix, they can help you move forward with a new heat pump installation.

Most heat pumps will operate for about 15 years. After a while, units can develop issues from normal wear and tear. Installing a new heat pump could lower your energy bills and make your home more energy efficient. A properly sized unit will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature in your residence regardless of the weather outside.