TRANE Thermostats 101 - A Complete Guide to Optimize Your AC Performance
September 6

TRANE Thermostats 101: A Complete Guide to Optimize Your AC Performance

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Understanding SEER Ratings - Maximizing Your Cooling Efficiency
August 24

Understanding SEER Ratings: Maximizing Your Cooling Efficiency

As we collectively brace ourselves for the sweltering summer heat, everyone’s looking for more effective and cost-efficient ways to beat it. Whether you’re planning on… View Article Read More

BTU in Bossier City, LA
October 19

Why Does BTU Matter for Your HVAC System?

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Home With a High Ceiling in Bossier City, LA
September 13

Does the Height of My Ceiling Affect AC Efficiency?

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AC Capacitor in Bossier City, LA
August 15

Understanding What an AC Capacitor Is and Why It Malfunctions

A capacitor is a device comprising two metal conductors separated by an insulating material. On your air conditioner, a capacitor is like a huge cylindrical… View Article Read More

AC problems in Bossier City, LA
July 20

Common Problems That Can Develop With Your AC’s Compressor

The AC compressor plays a vital role in pressurizing the refrigerant in the air conditioning unit. Since it operates throughout and under great pressure, it’s… View Article Read More

AC lifespan in Bossier City, LA
June 14

How Long Can You Expect Your HVAC Unit to Last?

During the summer in Shreveport, LA, you need a dependable HVAC system to keep you cool. You may wonder how long the units last if… View Article Read More

AC Leaking in Bossier City, LA
May 17

What Causes Air Conditioner Leaks?

Every air conditioner creates condensation, but that doesn’t mean you have to tolerate water leaks. Frequent use during the summer will cause condensation to a… View Article Read More

AC problems in Bossier City, LA
April 14

Which Is the Cheaper Option: HVAC Systems or Window ACs?

Central air conditioning systems are usually made up of different units, including condenser units, which are usually placed outside buildings. These systems also have indoor… View Article Read More

Spring in Bossier City, LA
March 15

3 Tips to Prepare Your HVAC Unit for Springtime

With the hot weather of spring and summer right around the corner in Bossier City, LA, there are certain things you’ll want to do now… View Article Read More