When purchasing an HVAC system for your house in Bossier City, numbers and statistics can help you decide on which model is best. In addition to SEER and EER, BTU is a unit of measurement you should consider when trying to identify the right size HVAC system for your home.

How Does BTU Affect HVAC System Function?

BTU stands for British Thermal Units. It measures how much energy a condenser can create. BTUs are important for your HVAC system because they determine how much power the unit has. The higher the BTU, the faster the system can change the temperature in your home.

For example, a heater with a 5,000 BTU rating can produce 5,000 BTUs of energy over one hour. One BTU is the equivalent of the energy needed to change the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree.

A furnace with higher BTUs adds heat to a room more quickly, and obviously, an AC unit with higher BTUs can remove heat from a room faster than one with lower BTUs. It’s important to remember that air conditioners don’t work by adding cold air. They do so by using the compressor system coupled with chemical refrigerant to absorb the heat in a room and carry it outdoors. If comparing two similarly priced HVAC units, looking at the BTU rating can help you determine which one is more powerful and will probably give you the most bang for your buck.

How Many BTUs Are Needed in Your Home?

If you choose an HVAC system with too few BTUs, the system will constantly run, consuming power. If you choose one that is overpowered, your system will constantly cycle without making the room feel comfortable. The number of BTUs you need will vary depending on the space size, ceiling height, climate, unit location, and home installation.

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