The AC compressor plays a vital role in pressurizing the refrigerant in the air conditioning unit. Since it operates throughout and under great pressure, it’s prone to mechanical issues and normal wear and tear. Usually, AC issues require the attention of a certified professional to inspect, diagnose, and repair before the component breaks down completely. Here are the most common AC compressor problems in Bossier City and surrounding areas.

Motor Issues

The compressor motor can develop issues for a few reasons, such as taking in the refrigerant, lack of lubrication, or overheating. If the motor is faulty, it causes operational problems that ultimately affect the entire air conditioner. You need an HVAC technician to check on the motor, diagnose, and fix the underlying problem to prevent it from affecting the AC’s performance.

Strange Sounds

You may notice loud or weird AC sounds as the compressor begins to fail. Rattling noises when turning on the AC might signify a faulty compressor. If the electrical relay going to the compressor is failing, you might notice clattering or ticking noises. You need the help of a licensed HVAC technician for AC compressor repairs or replacements if you hear strange sounds.

Electrical Issues

Electrical issues can develop in two primary areas of your AC compressor. The first part is the wiring that might rust or fray, affecting the electrical flow and the AC compressor’s operation. The other common electrical issue with the compressor is a faulty capacitor. The AC compressor has two capacitors, and problems with either can affect the compressor’s operation.

Circulation Issues

If hot air is coming from the AC, it’s a sign of a compressor problem. Weak or restricted airflow is another circulation issue affecting an AC compressor. You need an HVAC specialist to inspect your compressor to check if it’s responsible for insufficient airflow. Circulation AC compressor issues can significantly affect your comfort levels and cooling costs.

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