The thermostat is the control center of your AC and heating system. However, it may not be apparent when your thermostat stops working, especially if your HVAC system still seems to function. If your thermostat has stopped responding to temperature fluctuations, however, a change in the weather will make it apparent that it has stopped doing its job.

Thermostat Power Problems

Troubleshooting whether your thermostat is still working correctly doesn’t take much time, although some things are more technical than others. The first and most obvious thing to do is to check and see if it has power. If the display is blank, then it’s obvious that your thermostat isn’t getting power. Next, check the breakers to ensure appropriate power is getting to your thermostat or HVAC system. There’s also the possibility that your thermostat’s battery needs to be replaced.

Maybe It’s the Wires

Does your system seem to run at a constant rate no matter what the temperature is or your thermostat setting? If the thermostat has power and a good battery, but the AC or heater seems to ignore where you set it, then it could be the wiring. Sometimes a wire will come loose from a connection inside the thermostat, and it is a simple fix. Other times it is a problem deeper in the system that requires an expert’s opinion.

Oh No, Wrong Setting

There’s always the possibility that your thermostat is on the wrong setting, such as “heat” during the summer or “cool” in the winter. Maybe the thermostat was bumped or somebody played with the buttons without knowing the consequences. Now your heater is running during the night, and the AC never kicks on during the day. This problem is easy to overlook but even easier to fix.

Your Thermostat Experts

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