Every air conditioner creates condensation, but that doesn’t mean you have to tolerate water leaks. Frequent use during the summer will cause condensation to a certain degree because of how air conditioners work, but leakage when you’re not running your system (or excessive leakage when it’s running) can indicate a larger issue. Here are the most common reasons an AC will leak.

Condensate Line

The condensate or drain line safely pumps the water out of your unit. Unfortunately, this line is susceptible to a variety of issues from clogs to external damage. As your unit creates condensation, particulates like dirt and algae can accumulate over time. This will eventually lead to a clogged line leaking water into your home.

The unit’s drain line is also connected to a pump that pushes the water and an overflow pan. These components are necessary to ensure water is being efficiently removed from the unit. If the pan is cracked or the pump has malfunctioned, your AC may leak and potentially begin to accrue internal damage.

Improper Installation

Your air conditioner must be level when installed to ensure proper functioning. If the unit is uneven, water may begin to accumulate unevenly in the overflow pan. You want your unit to be tipped slightly back so the water flows back and out. Ensure your unit is level and correctly sealed so condensation isn’t collecting when the hot outside air meets the home’s cooler environment.

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